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Kickstart a Healthy Lifestyle

Included with the 4 week STARTMEUP program:

           Coaching for the Month $99.00

  • 1 hour Skype/Zoom fitness assessment: this is a discovery session to find out what your goals are, what your fitness level is and what you need.  
  • Nutrition Consultations: meeting to discuss your current diet and what changes need to be made in order to meet your body composition goals, tracking and accountability. This is key to your success.  Fueling the body is our 80% rule.
  • Custom workouts: all workouts are personalized for you and available online with videos describing each exercise - you also track your workouts, statistics and daily nutrition.
  • 30-minute video call per week: calls are designed to see how you are tracking and what needs to be modified in your program. Includes review of Workout and Nutrition.
  • Trainer support: you can contact your trainer via email or text at anytime. 
  • Habit Building: We can create a custom habit improvements with  our app
  • Goal Setting: With our app we are able to track and monitor your personal goal.
  • Isagenix Nutrition: This is the most curtail part of Health.  We use this as our foundation for our training.  This is our 80%

Why 365living Uses Isagenix Products as our Foundation

Discover a proven wellness solution that has 

been working for hundreds of thousands of 

people for nearly two decades.

$179.00 Nutrition Health Package and Coaching:

  • Infuse your body with the nutrition and care it needs to support your Training 
  • Instruction to Isagenix and our Nutrition support program Daily
  • 30 days of one to one Coaching and Support with Health Pack
  • Money-Back Guarantee (3o Days)
  • Learn about your Team that you've hired

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Why 365living has chosen Isagenix as our product of choice

Science Behind: 8 Steps to Safe & Pure Isagenix Health Products

Isagenix line of health products go above and beyond to ensure safety, purity and effectiveness - the basis of our no compromise ingredient policy.  Isagenix spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on testing of raw materials, finished goods and third party testing each year.

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